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This program, through Reproductive Biology Associates, provides an affordable and proven option for preserving your fertility until you are ready to start a family.

Our proprietary vitrification technology has lead to thousands of live births. Rest assured that at RBA you will have access the most effective fertility preservation technology available.

A Fertility Preservation Program Designed with YOU in Mind.

Q: Is it OK to delay pregnancy? A: Yes!

Whatever your reason for delaying pregnancy, we have the option that is right for you”

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Timing pregnancy as a lifestyle choice

Egg freezing can help you choose the right time to have a family.

Fortunately, it is the age of the egg, not the age of the woman that determines fertility potential. So freezing your eggs at a younger age can make it easier to build a family when you are older. For example, a forty year old woman will have the same chance of pregnancy as a thirty year old, if she uses eggs frozen at age thirty.

Many women may never need these frozen eggs and can conceive naturally but for those who have difficulty conceiving in the future, frozen eggs provides a valuable insurance and reassurance should a loss in fertility occur.

A gift for your future

Freeze your eggs for social or medical reasons.

Assurance now for the unknown future

If the time is not right for you to start a family but you want assurance that you can still have children when the time is right, the Gift of Hope is for you. When your eggs are frozen you can live your life as you please knowing your future fertility is secure.

A caring solution in your time of need

One less thing to worry about if you get a medical diagnosis that might affect your fertility

We're here if you need us

If you have received a medical diagnosis or require medical treatment that might effect your future fertility, the Gift of Hope is for you. We can help eliminate your concern about your future fertility so you can focus on getting well again.


The very best care available for you, and your future

Regardless of the reason for delaying pregnancy, our egg freezing technology can truly offer The Gift of Hope for a women who wishes to begin pregnancy at the time that is best for her.

Select the option that is right for you:

Elective Egg Freezing
Medical Fertility Preservation

The Gift of Hope – Patient Testimonials.

“When I received the Gift of Hope, relief swept over me. It was one less thing I had to worry about while I was undergoing medical treatment.”
Gift of Hope Patient

I never really knew if I wanted to have children. As I get older I feel more of pull to secure my fertility for the future.  After freezing my eggs I felt like I had made an investment in my future. I feel better knowing that this gives me the chance to have a conversation in the future about having children. I feel like the stress of deciding to have children has been eliminated.  It has given me a sense of hope.

Gift of Hope Patient

I am grateful for the compassionate and caring staff at RBA and the advances in medical science that have given women like myself hope for a family. As a single woman late in her childbearing years, I never imagined fertility preservation would be part of my plan, much less an empowering process in my fertility journey. It’s a decision I have no regrets about making, and I encourage others to explore this option for themselves.

Gift of Hope Patient

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